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Choosing a topic isn’t that easy

The point of a non-profit is to address a societal problem. But in a world where there seems to be too many problems and not enough answers, choosing just one for a new non-profit can be hard. Can one really choose their favorite problem? Some choose a certain topic because they’ve experienced it before and want to help others in the same situation. However, for some people, there is such a thing as too close to home. When choosing a topic, really consider what you can and cannot deal with, be it kids, felons, animals, etc. Just because you care about a topic does not mean you are equipped to be its savior. Maybe you can contribute to another’s non-profit about it. Your topic should include your interests AND play to your strengths. Just be prepared to do some brainstorming and don’t feel bad that you can’t handle every problem you care about.

It’s okay to start small

Social problems like the ones tackled by non-profits are big, systemic, and have many parts to the problem. It is okay to just solve one. Or even part of one. If you can’t eradicate the cause, focus on easing a symptom. If you can’t change the laws right now, just focus on supporting those within your reach. Small victories matter too. Do not be devalue yourself, your work, or your non-profit just because you’re handing out blankets to the homeless instead of closing Pandora’s box.

Fundraising is hard

Everyone cares about “saving the puppy whales from climate-changing traffickers” until it’s time to open their wallets. Emotional appeal can be powerful, but it’s a hard tool to rely on. Funding is perhaps the most needed yet hardest to obtain a piece of the non-profit puzzle. Be prepared for a challenge in this aspect. Get creative on goods you can sell and services you can provide in order to raise money and fund your non-profit’s projects.


nonprofit website design daphne anderson always mothers luncheonWritten by Daphne Anderson of Always Mothers LuncheonFor over a decade, Daphne has mentored young ladies, fostered relationships and been a strong support and resource for many who’ve confided in her. Being an extrovert trapped in an introvert’s body, Daphne has always spoken for those that aren’t ready to speak for themselves. Daphne also owns Always Assisting U!, a Support Solutions Management Company, providing professional business services virtually for small business owners and busy individuals.  Daphne is originally from Queens, New York but now lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband, Kenon, their three children (a daughter and 2 sons).

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