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The holiday season (November and December) is the largest opportunity for giving you’ll encounter all year. The season is all about being charitable and putting others before yourself. It may feel a bit awkward to ask for money during this season, so here are some fun and warm fundraising Ideas for the holidays that will make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they donate.

Thanksgiving Run/Walk

Depending on where you live, having a walk or run to raise money for your charity is a great idea. (Maybe pick an indoor track if it’s too cold!) A run gets people outside, exercising, and socializing. Maybe you can ask people to dress like turkeys or pilgrims to make it more festive and give warm apple cider to the sideline supporters.

Harvest Dinner

Host a harvest dinner with meal items from local bakers, grocers, and restaurants. Invite everyone to come to purchase a plate and eat together in one big Thanksgiving dinner. This event also encourages the community to socialize; offer a discount ticket to those who buy a table or multiple plates.

Community Raffle

A simple raffle just can’t be beaten. Maybe you’re raffling off holiday decor from community businesses. Maybe it’s a turkey dinner or a stay in a warm resort. Either way, raffle tickets are cheap but can add up quickly if you’ve got an awesome holiday-themed prize.

Charity Auction

Choose whether you want to do it live, silent, or online. Either way works. An auction is a great way for people to find unique or one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. And they can tell them that the money that bought the gift went toward supporting a local nonprofit organization!

Sell Candles or Decorations

Candles are extremely popular around the holidays. They provide light, warm, and delicious smells. Candles are also relatively easy to make. You can get your volunteers together to make and sell candles or perhaps other fun simple decorations to raise money.

Wrap Gifts

Connect with a local shop or bookstore and set up a table with wrapping paper and table. When people finish their purchase, they can come over to your table and have their presents wrapped for a small donation. Most people hate having to wrap lots of presents anyway!

Bake Sale

Chances are, someone on your board or one of your volunteers is a great baker. Host a bake sale at your HQ, at the mall, or some other public place. Nothing says holiday spirit like a warm, homemade treat spiced with cinnamon or gingerbread.

Snowman Building Contest

Get the kids involved! In your local park after a good snow, host a snowman building contest! Kids and their families can design and build a snowman. Then have everyone vote on their favorite! Maybe charge a small fee to enter the contest or have people bid on their favorite snowman.

Palm Tree Decorating Contest

If you live someplace where snow is scarce, host a palm tree decorating contest instead! In many southern states, it’s not rare to have a palm tree in your front yard. While they aren’t the classic evergreens, they are still fun to decorate with lights and ornaments.

Gingerbread House Contest

One of the most fun, creative, and delicious ways to celebrate the holidays is to decorate gingerbread houses. You can run it similarly to the snowman building contest – although participants can eat their creations afterward!

New Years Eve Gala

Maybe you want to skip all the above and get truly fancy. A New Years Eve Gala is the perfect way to do this. Everyone dresses up in evening wear, drinks champagne, and rings in the New Year together. Earn donations by selling tickets and tables. A gala is also a great place to host an auction or raffle as well – just make sure it’s something people really want!

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